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At Regent Hardware, we know that we are defined not just by our service but by our products. That's why we make sure to provide top quality products with on-time delivery. If your requirements are not standard issue, we can create new products to suit your needs.
As always, if you're having trouble finding the product you need on our website, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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Product ID: SERIES 5770
  • Innovative patented design incorporating many new and superior features.
  • UL & CUL Listed to standard UL 305.
  • Suitable for use on aluminum or hollow metal doors up to 48" wide and 1-3/4" thick.
  • Non-handed. Suitable for LH and RH doors.
  • Installation and maintenance friendly.
  • Gently curved, aesthetically pleasing extruded pushbar to complement today's modern architectural designs.
  • Precision internal mechanism ensures quiet and efficient operation for ease of door opening. Pushbar remains parallel to door stile during depression and release.
  • Touch pressure applied anywhere along pushbar length causes simultaneous actuation of the top latch and bottom bolt via the vertical rod assembly. Less than 15 Ib force to actuatepushbar.
  • Internal hinge mechanism preventing any undesirable bar movement during operation. A unique guide and compression spring at one hinge fixes the pushbar rigidly in position and prevents any lateral movement during depression and release.
  • High Security dual vertical rod assembly which prevents forced entry.
  • Positive and secure dogging by allen key.
  • Black heat-resistant endcaps. Convenient to attach and remove.
  • Every unit supplied with PUSH safety sticker, clear adhesive cutting templates and easy tofollow installation instructions.
  • The top latch can be adjusted .400" using a locking screw located behind the latch's lower fixing hole.
  • The bottom bolt assembly is designed to allow up to .400" adjustment after installation in thedoor.
  • Shims are provided and the header post is offset on its mounting plate to accomodate up, down, in-and-out adjustment.
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Product ID: SERIES 5770
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