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At Regent Hardware, we know that we are defined not just by our service but by our products. That's why we make sure to provide top quality products with on-time delivery. If your requirements are not standard issue, we can create new products to suit your needs.
As always, if you're having trouble finding the product you need on our website, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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Product ID: SERIES 1001
  • Non handed, fully reversible for LH or RH application.
  • Easily installed in place of latch strike to provide remote release of a deadlocking door.
  • Allows door to be opened without retracting the latch. This occurs by electrically releasing the strike jaw.
  • Strike lip closes flush with jamb edge.
  • Operates on 24 V.A.C. and is tamper resistant up to 1,400 Ibs.
  • Non-fail safe function.
STRIKE CASE: 1-1/16"x4"x13/16", zinc die cast with bake painted finish.
FACEPLATES: 1-1/4"x4-7/8", Aluminum with rounded corners. Clear (CL) or Bronze (D) anodized.
STRIKE OPENING: 5/8"x1-3/4"x5/8" deep, stainless steel powder metal bolt retainer jaw.
STRIKE LIP: Aluminum die cast.
DURABILITY: Tested for 500,000 cycles.
FUNCTION: Non-fail safe.
Packed with mounting screws, mounting
brackets and adhesive shims.
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Product ID: SERIES 1001
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